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Learn How To Apply For Food Stamps With Our Guide

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Food stamps requirements in Wyoming are determined by the Department of Family Services (DFS). Eligibility for food stamps in WY must be met by all applicants interested in obtaining benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). To qualify for food stamps benefits, all applicants must meet requirements based on household size and income, citizenship, residency and the ability to work. In addition, requirements for food stamps mandate all applicants to submit the necessary documentation to support the above claims. Learn more about how to qualify for food stamps in Wyoming by reviewing the below topics.

Learn About Wyoming Income Requirements for SNAP Benefits

The income requirements for food stamps in WY are of utmost importance to meet, as the program was designed to help low-earning individuals and families obtain the funding necessary to purchase nutritious food and groceries. To qualify for SNAP in Wyoming financially, the first step is to review the current Federal Poverty Level (FPL), according to your household size. Currently, the WY SNAP requirements for income mandate your household to make no more than 130 percent of the FPL for gross income earned, and 100 percent of the FPL for net income earned. Households with disabled or elderly family members will meet SNAP qualifications in Wyoming by earning gross incomes that match 165 percent of the FPL or less.

Once incomes are determined, review the applicable deductions that qualify for SNAP eligibility, as they may help your household reach the FPL needed to gain access to benefits. Current deductions that qualify for WY SNAP include:

  • A standard household size deduction.
  • A telephone allowance.
  • Shelter costs.
  • Medical expense in excess of $35 per month.
  • A standard utility allowance.
  • A 20 percent earned income deduction.
  • A categorically eligible assistance deduction.
  • A mileage reimbursement.

Another factor that may impact financial eligibility for Wyoming SNAP is your total household resources. The DFS takes into account your bank balances, any current investments, stocks, bonds and other assets that may affect your income qualifications for food stamps prior to applying for benefits. There are limits in place for your allotted resources, and if there are disabled or elderly members residing in your household, your limits will be higher. To learn more about how to qualify for SNAP benefits, download our free guide.

Learn About Wyoming Citizenship Requirements for SNAP Benefits

The food stamps requirements in Wyoming also state that all applicants must be U.S. citizens or qualified noncitizens in order to obtain SNAP benefits. U.S. citizens can prove citizenship to qualify for food stamps benefits by submitting valid passports and certified birth certificates. Those who wish to meet the food stamps eligibility in WY as noncitizens should prepare immigration papers to present to the DFS. Once citizenship requirements for SNAP are met, all applicants must prove state residency. Since SNAP is a state-to-state initiative, in order to qualify for food stamp benefits applicants must reside within state borders to receive SNAP funds. Proof of residency is proven easiest through the submission of government-issued credentials that display current residential addresses, like state ID cards and driver’s licenses.

Additionally, Social Security Numbers (SSNs) must be submitted in order for your household to be eligible for WY SNAP, since the program is overseen on a federal level. Any household members who do not possess SSNs must file applications with the Social Security Administration office and then submit confirmation documents to the DFS. Those who do not provide SSNs upon applying for SNAP benefits will be rejected from the state’s program.

Other SNAP Requirements You Must Meet in Wyoming

Wyoming eligibility for food stamps also mandates all Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWDs) to meet the state work requirements. To qualify for food stamp assistance in WY, ABAWDs who are between 18 and 49 years of age and fit for employment must commit to 20 hours of work per week. Those who do not meet the work-related SNAP eligibility standards will be denied food assistance from the DFS. However, work requirements for WY food stamps do not just include traditional employment. Beneficiaries can still meet the SNAP requirements for work if they enroll in approved job training or educational programs. Those not considered ABAWDs are exempt from the work-based mandate regarding benefits eligibility.

Applicants Who Are Not Qualified for Wyoming SNAP Benefits

If you are still wondering how to qualify for food stamps in WY, it is important to review the groups of applicants who will not be eligible for benefits, despite meeting all of the above requirements. For instance, students will not qualify for SNAP assistance in Wyoming if they are enrolled in school for more than halftime (with certain exceptions). In addition, workers on strike will not meet food stamp requirements in WY if they were not eligible for benefits the day prior to the strike being initiated. Still, felons fleeing prosecution, those in violation of their probation or parole terms and those involved in benefits fraud will not qualify for WY SNAP assistance in any capacity. Download our guide to review more information on food stamps requirements.