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Learn How To Apply For Food Stamps With Our Guide

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How to Contact Your SNAP Office in Washington DC

Residents need to know the correct Washington DC food stamps contact info if they are enrolled or interested in enrolling in SNAP. Food stamps customer service can help many people resolve issues they may have regarding how to apply, where to be interviewed and who is eligible for enrollment. Using the food stamps information number or other forms of food benefits contact information is usually the best way to get in touch with customer service. Yet, the food stamps phone number is not the same in each area of the country. Since each state or region is responsible for managing their section of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the food stamps information number will be different across the country. To learn how to contact food stamps customer support by using the correct DC SNAP contact info, continue reading the information provided below.

How to Contact the Washington DC Food Stamps Office by Phone

Food stamps customer help is managed by the Washington DC Department of Human Services, Economic Security Administration (ESA). The food stamps number for DC is as follows: 202-727-5355. The food stamps fax number is 202-671-4326. Please be aware that the national headquarters for the food benefits program is located in Washington DC yet, one should not contact the national offices of SNAP unless filing a serious complaint against the program.

How to Contact the Washington DC Food Stamps Office by Mail

Food stamps customer service is also accessed through the mail. Send correspondence to this address:

Economic Security Administration

64 New York Avenue, NE, 6th Floor

Washington, DC 20002

In many cases, required documents will need to be delivered to one’s local ESA service center.

To learn which types of documents you may need to provide in application to food stamps, download our SNAP guide.

How to Speak to a Washington DC Food Stamps Office Worker in Person

One can get food benefits customer help by going to a local ESA service center. A local service center can accept in-person applications as well.