Food Stamps Program Renewal in South Dakota


The South Dakota food stamps renewal allows residents who receive aid from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to continue getting benefits. The SD food stamps renewal application begins a process managed in the state by the Department of Social Services (DSS) that determines if claims are still eligible for SNAP benefits. The DSS will review all information on a SD food stamps renewal claim and notify claimants if the renewal is approved or denied. The process to renew food stamps occurs every three months for claimants, as the DSS awards benefits for 90 days at a time. However, the food stamps renewal procedure, if completed on time and approved, will typically not cause residents to miss any time without aid. Get more details about requirements for the food stamps renewal process by reading through the sections on this page.

What is a South Dakota food stamps renewal?

The procedures to renew food stamps in SD provides a path for an individual or household to continue to receive vital benefits that make it easier to obtain food. To renew food stamps in South Dakota, residents will need to complete the food stamps renewal procedures as outlined in a notification letter sent by DSS. Additionally, residents trying to renew food stamps will need to be aware that if they do not meet eligibility requirements, DSS will deny food assistance claim. For instance, a household that saw a massive increase in combined income that exceeds the maximum total income for a family will no longer receive benefits. The food stamps renewal process will be available to claimants near the end of the time in which applicants are receiving benefits.

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What is needed to renew food stamps in South Dakota?

The food stamps renewal process demands specific details from applicants. For instance, the food stamps renewal application will ask for the current home address and contact phone. Renewing SNAP benefits require much of the same information needed when applying for food stamps initially. Residents will want to gather the most up-to-date and relevant financial documents regarding the household, as the process to renew food stamps requires detailed income information. For the DSS, a primary factor regarding a food stamps renewal is the current total household income. The food stamps renewal application in South Dakota requires other details such as full legal name of each member of household, age and date of birth. Renewing food stamps in the state also requires that residents disclose any information regarding criminal convictions that occurred during the benefits period.

Note: Applicants who want to renew food stamps in South Dakota should consider keeping documents such as photo identification, bank statements, immigration papers and more at the ready in case DSS requests to see the information.

Way to Submit a Food Stamps Renewal Application in South Dakota

A food stamps renewal notification will arrive in the mail alerting claimants as to when benefits end and until what date residents will have to file a request for continue aid. Additionally, the notification regarding a food stamps renewal in South Dakota will provide various methods for submitting an application. For instance, an individual or family may file a claim to renew food stamps through the mail. Applications may also renew SNAP online or by visiting any one of the DSS office locations and delivering the claim form in person.

How to Renew Food Stamps Online

Households looking to renew food stamps online will need to consider several things beforehand. The process for how to renew food stamps online demands that claimants have a stable internet connection that will not lose connectivity. Residents in the middle of a food stamps renewal claim who lose connection will need to begin the claim process from the start when connection returns. Additionally, applicants should avoid using open Wi-Fi networks where personal information may be compromised.

Those who initially enrolled in the program by applying for SNAP benefits online can use the same login information. Using the process to renew food stamps online in SD means claimants will want to gather personal documents in the event that the system requires it. One such vital piece of required data is the case number for a household’s particular claim. While completing the food stamps renewal application, claimants should reveal each piece of information entered carefully before submitting the request to DSS.

How to Renew Food Stamps by Mail

The food stamps renewal form arrives in the mail along with the notification form. Once the food stamps application form is completed, residents will want to review it carefully before sending it to state officials. SNAP beneficiaries who file a request to renew food stamps via the mail will wait longer to receive approval than claimants who renew food stamps online or in person. Consider submitting a food stamps renewal by mail as soon as possible so that there is no disruption to SNAP benefits.

Note: Residents who would like to renew by mail but have lost, damaged or not received their renewal application can obtain a form from a DSS office or online.

How to Renew Food Stamps in Person

It is possible for residents to file food stamps renewal application at any of the DSS offices located throughout the state. The food stamps renewal form can be completed at home or at an office location. As with any SD food stamps renewal application form, applicants will want to fill out the information carefully, making sure that it’s all legible and accurate. Once completed, the claim to renew food stamps in South Dakota is turned into officials for their review. One benefit to renewing food stamps in person is the presence of agents who are available to answer questions that go beyond what is available from the internet.

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What Are Food Stamps?

Food Stamps, also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), is a federal- and state-funded program that provides low-income Americans with food assistance benefits. Eligible individuals and families can use their state-issued electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards, which are regularly replenished with a set amount of benefits, to purchase approved food items. Learn more about the SNAP program and how you can start receiving benefits here.

Who Is Eligible to Receive Food Stamp Benefits?

Before you can begin obtaining food items with state SNAP benefits, you must apply to the program and prove that you are eligible. All applicants are subject to various requirements established by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. These involve household income limits, resource limits, work requirements and more. To find out if you qualify for SNAP benefits, download our guide today.