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Beneficiaries need to file a food stamps renewal in Illinois if their benefits are about to expire and they want to continue to participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). An Illinois food stamps renewal application can be obtained online or from a local office. However, before SNAP petitioners begins the IL food stamps renewal process, they will first need to understand what documents and information they are required to submit during the renewal process. Even if an applicant understands what is needed to renew food stamps, he or she also needs to be aware that the food stamps renewal process may be different than the process to initially file the request for SNAP food stamps. Once petitioners understand these differences and nuances, then they can explore which IL food stamps renewal method works best for them and gather all the necessary paperwork that they need to submit. If SNAP beneficiaries are unsure about how to submit a food stamps renewal application, then they should peruse the following sections.

What is an Illinois food stamps renewal?

An IL food stamps renewal serves a different purpose than the initial SNAP application. The purpose of the SNAP renewal application is to prove that applicants are eligible to continue to receive benefits. Unlike the initial application, when petitioners were trying to show that they were eligible to receive food stamps, the renewal process has fewer questions pertaining to SNAP eligibility. Food assistance beneficiaries have already established basic qualifications and the renewal SNAP application confirms that these requirements are still met. The Department of Human Services will also determining if the amount they receive should be modified.

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What is needed to renew food stamps in Illinois?

Applicants may find that the Illinois food stamps renewal application asks for information that is similar to the initial SNAP application. However, when renewing food stamps, petitioners must prove that they are eligible to continue to participate in SNAP. In order to do this and renew Illinois food stamp benefits successfully, they must provide information about household members as well as details surrounding income and expenses. For instance, applicants who are trying to renew food stamps will need to share what their current living expenses are and also reveal the current income of the entire household.

The food stamps SNAP renewal application may require petitioners to prove their current or previous employment by providing paystubs. The food stamps renewal application needs to be filled out in its entirety before the continuation of benefits request can be processed. However, sometimes the Department of Human Services may also request the applicant to provide supplemental documentation to prove the information contained in the IL SNAP benefits renewal application.

Learn About Ways to Submit a Food Stamps Renewal Application in Illinois

At the moment, applicants can only submit a food stamps renewal application in Illinois by either sending the required forms in the mail to the appropriate local office or by dropping them off at a local office. Those who initially enrolled in SNAP online may wonder how to renew food stamps online as well, but this method is not yet available. However, SNAP beneficiaries will be able to renew food stamps online in the future, as the state is establishing this. For the time being, petitioners can obtain the form for food stamps renewal online to download and print at home. By obtaining the required forms to renew food stamps in Illinois online, petitioners can strive to ensure they have all documentation needed to prove SNAP eligibility before submitting the paperwork through the mail or making a trip down to a local office.

How to Renew Food Stamps by Mail

If IL food stamps renewal applicants want to mail their forms, then they will need to determine where their local Family Community Resource Center is. Petitioners choosing to renew food stamp benefits by submitting the application through the mail will need to ensure that the required documents are mailed with plenty of time to reach the appropriate office. If the food stamps SNAP renewal application is not received and processed in time, then petitioners run the risk that their benefits will not be renewed.

How to Renew Food Stamps in Person

An IL food stamps renewal application can also be hand-delivered to the appropriate local office. If SNAP beneficiaries want to renew food stamps by dropping off their required paperwork in person, then they need to confirm the local office’s hours of operation. If the applicant has any questions or concerns about their SNAP renewal application, then he or she should try to schedule an appointment with the local office. Just like SNAP renewal by mail, applicants should account for the time it takes to submit the request. Applicants should also ensure they are able to visit and deliver the necessary paperwork at the office before the renewal deadline.

Note: Applicants also have the option to renew foods stamps in Illinois by faxing the renewal paperwork. Applicants should ensure that they fax the documents to the correct local office. Failure to do so can result in the benefits renewal application not being filed and processed.

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