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How to Apply for SNAP Benefits in West Virginia

Residents who want to get food stamps in West Virginia will need to complete a food stamps application form through one of the various methods provided by the state. Requests to obtain food stamps and determine eligibility are based on guidelines created by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) and the Bureau of Children and Families administers SNAP benefits for the state. The SNAP food stamps program is designed to provide families with low incomes with access to food to meet their vital nutritional needs. However, because resources are limited, DHHR uses the food stamps application and interview process to determine the eligibility of a claimant. The process to apply for food stamps features a lengthy application form and the inclusion of several supporting documents upon request. Learn how to apply for food stamps, how to make use of inRoads, the West Virginia online food stamps application system and more, right here.

How to Apply for West Virginia Food Stamps Online

The West Virginia online food stamps application system is known as inRoads (formerly MyBenefits Account) and is available to residents throughout the state with. The ability to apply for food stamps via the web is convenient as it allows residents to do so from anywhere and at any time, day or night. Furthermore, online food stamps applications in WV are easy to complete and submit to petition for benefits. One disadvantage to using the internet to get food stamps is the lack of direct help from a DHHR official. However, the web-based platform presents detailed information in regards to SNAP food stamps, including the information and documents needed for the process. For instance, to get food stamps in WV, residents will need to present detailed income history on the claim form, including previous and current employment. Such income information is required from all working members of the household. Learn more about how to apply for SNAP by downloading our free guide.

How to Apply for West Virginia Food Stamps in Person

Not all households are able to make use of the online SNAP application, and so the DHHR provides other methods to apply for food stamps in West Virginia and gain benefits. One such SNAP application method makes it possible for claimants to complete a form and turn it in directly to a branch office. Throughout the state there are 19 DHHR office locations that allow residents to turn in a form and apply for food stamps in person which presents one vital advantage over other methods. Households and individuals who apply to get food stamps in person will be able to receive help and ask questions directly to DHHR officials. Neither the online food stamps application nor the mail-in process allows for such help. The SNAP food stamps application is available for pick up from any DHHR office and the form is available online for download as well. Additionally, residents who present a form to apply for WV food stamps at a DHHR office will want to bring with them proof of identity such as a driver’s license, military ID, state-issued ID or passport.

How to Apply for West Virginia Food Stamps by Mail

Nineteen DHHR offices will accept online food stamps applications, though there are more than 40 locations throughout the state. However, all DHHR offices will accept requests for food stamps by mail. It is vital for residents to keep in mind that failure to complete a WV food stamps application with correct information, leaving out data or providing data in such a way that it is unreadable will be grounds for denial. Residents who apply for food stamps by mail will want to consider using certified mail to ensure that the request for assistance is received. Once a West Virginia SNAP food stamps application is received by mail, officials will review the case and determine if the claim is approved or rejected. Approved claims to get food stamps will then be scheduled for an interview with a DHHR agent.

Learn About How to Fill out the West Virginia SNAP Application

The procedure for how to apply for food stamps in WV has two parts. The first part is the SNAP benefits application and the second is the interview. Completing the first part is vital for residents to get food stamps and any mistake or inconsistency on the form may be grounds for disqualification. Residents who apply for food stamps will want to go over all the information required on the document carefully. Friends and family may help double-check the document before it is presented to a DHHR office or submitted via the food stamps application online system for review. Preparing to apply for food stamps means residents should gather crucial documents such as proof of identity, bank statements, documents of ownership (cars, property, etc.), birth certificates and employment records.

What to Expect From the West Virginia SNAP Interview

Individuals or households that apply for food stamps in West Virginia who are approved will next meet with an agent for an interview. Resources are limited and claimants who want to get food stamps will need to verify information provided on the claim form during the meeting. Following the meeting, the process for how to apply for food stamps ends with a DHHR official approving benefits and explains the rights and responsibilities of claimants and the Department.

Note: Residents may request that the interview portion of the WV food stamps application process occur over the phone in cases where individuals or members of the family cannot make it to a DHHR office location.