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How to Apply for SNAP Benefits in Kentucky

If an interested petitioner is contemplating how to apply for food stamps in Kentucky, then the applicant needs to first find out if he or she is even eligible to get food stamps. The food stamps application should only be submitted by those who qualify for the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (a federal program often known as SNAP or food stamps). If a Kentucky resident finds out that he or she meets the necessary requirements to apply for food stamps, then the applicant has a few different options available to get SNAP food stamps. Eligible petitioners have the option of completing an online food stamps application, submitting the form through the mail or dropping off the application in person at a local office. After the petitioner submits the Kentucky food stamps application, he or she must also complete an interview with the Department for Community Based Services.

How to Apply for Kentucky Food Stamps Online

If an eligible petitioner wants to submit on online Kentucky food stamps application, then or she must create an account through the custom portal. Upon creating the account, the applicant can begin the process to get food stamps by answering all the questions on the online form to the best of his or her ability. Along with completing the online food stamps application, if the applicant needs to upload any supplemental information or documentation, then he or she can do so through the online portal.

How to Apply for Kentucky Food Stamps by Mail

To get food stamps, eligible residents must submit an Application for SNAP through the Kentucky online food stamps application portal, through the mail or in-person. If the petitioner wants to apply for foods stamps by sending the application through the mail, then he or she needs to fill out the form and answer as many questions as possible. Applicants who find the food stamps application questions too challenging to answer or who cannot verify the requested information must at least fill out and mail the first page to make their application for SNAP benefits. When submitting an application through the mail to obtain Kentucky food stamps, the paperwork must be mailed to the Department for Community Based Services at the following address:

P.O. Box 2104
Frankfort, KY 40602

The required food stamps application can be accessed online to download and print, or an interested applicant can visit a local office to get the necessary forms.

How to Apply for Kentucky Food Stamps in Person

If the mail-in option or online food stamps application are not appealing or viable methods for a petitioner to use, then he or she can always opt to drop off completed paperwork at a local office. Like the mail-in option, the application can either be downloaded online and printed, or picked up and filled out at the local Department for Community Based Services office. When applying for KY food stamps in person, the petitioner can only drop off paperwork during office hours. Therefore, it is important that applicants verify the operating hours of their nearest DCBS office.

Note: Residents applying for food stamps can do so via fax, as well. Fax the application to the attention of the Department for Community Based Services at the following number: (502) 573-2007.

Learn About How to Fill out the Kentucky SNAP Application

At the very minimum, the first page of a Kentucky food stamps application must be filled out in order for it to be reviewed by the DCBS. The SNAP application form requires the applicant to provide his or her name, mailing address, Social Security Number, date of birth, contact information and signature. However, to get food stamps, this is the minimum amount of information needed to start the application process. Besides providing contact and self-identifying information, petitioners who want to know how to apply for food stamps in KY successfully should make an effort to provide as much information as possible about their current income and expenses. In addition to this, those applying for food stamps also need to provide information about household members and if applicants buy and fix meals with them.

What to Expect From the Kentucky SNAP Interview

After submitting a food stamps application, the Department for Community Based Services may need to conduct an interview with petitioners. The purpose of the interview for petitioners applying for food stamps is to confirm that the information provided in the application is accurate and also to gather details that will help a DCBS representative determine eligibility. Applicants may be required to bring documentation to the interview that includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Proof of identification
  • Proof of residency
  • Confirmation of the cost of living
  • Monetary statements

The food stamps applicant will be notified if any additional information is needed after the conclusion of the interview. After the successful completion of the food stamps application and interview, a decision is made regarding benefits and applicants are typically notified within 30 days about the final outcome.