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How to Apply for SNAP Benefits in Delaware

A Delaware food stamps application is available for residents who meet certain eligibility requirements and are interested in the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, also referred to as SNAP. How to get food stamps SNAP benefits is vital information for state residents who are in need of this type of food and nutrition assistance. In order to apply for food stamps in Delaware, though, qualified applicants must submit certain documentation and also complete an interview with the Division of Social Services. Interested applicants have more than one food stamps application method available. Petitioners can submit required documentation through the online food stamps application, opt to mail the required paperwork or visit the local county office to submit the necessary papers. Regardless of the method chosen, petitioners are not able to receive any type of SNAP benefits until they apply for food stamps and complete the interview portion of the application process.

How to Apply for Delaware Food Stamps Online

The Delaware online food stamps application is available for petitioners to utilize if they want to get food stamps and would rather complete the application remotely. In order to successfully apply for food stamps using this method, applicants may be required to download certain types of software on the computer they are using. This is because the Delaware food stamps application has to be submitted through a custom portal. The benefits of using the online food stamps application includes being able to check the application status at any time, as well as pause the application process and come back to finishing it at a later date. Additionally, the food stamps application does not have to be completed during certain business hours, and after the information is sent through the custom portal, the system automatically sends the food stamps application to the appropriate department (in this case, the local county’s Division of Social Services).

Note: Download our guide for even more information on how to apply for food stamps.

How to Apply for Delaware Food Stamps by Mail

If a petitioner is interested in applying for food stamps in DE through the mail, then he or she must fill out the application to the best of his or her ability and mail it to appropriate office of the Division of Social Services. The office that the food stamps application needs to be mailed to is determined by which county the applicant lives in. Petitioners should verify that they are mailing the form to the correct county office to get food stamps since mailing the paperwork to the incorrect location and hinder the petitioner from getting SNAP benefits.

How to Apply for Delaware Food Stamps In-Person

A petitioner who is contemplating how to apply for food stamps also has the option to submit an application in-person. If opting to take advantage of this method, then the protocol that is used to mail a Delaware food stamps application to the Division of Social Services is the same that must be followed if mailing an application. The food stamps application must be filled out as accurately as possible because inaccurate or misleading information can result in the petitioner not receiving any type of SNAP benefits. Additionally, just like with the mail-in option, for a petitioner to apply for food stamps in-person then he or she must visit the local office in his or her county. A DE food stamps application can be obtained either online or by visiting the appropriate local office.

Note: Eligible Delaware residents interested in getting food stamps can also choose to fax the application to the correct county office.

Learn About How to Fill out the Delaware SNAP Application

When filling out the Delaware food stamps and SNAP application, petitioners will need to provide their Social Security Number, employment history and income information for both themselves as well as any household members and healthy insurance policy information. When providing income information on the DE food stamps application, petitioners need to provide not only employment income information, but also any income that may come from other benefits (such as Social Security). When reviewing how to apply for foods stamps, applicants should also not withhold any supplemental information that can impact eligibility determinations, such as medical expenses, enrollment in schools and child care needs.

What to Expect From the Delaware SNAP Interview

The final portion of the food stamps application process that must be completed before benefits can be provided is the interview. Once an eligible petitioner finishes applying for DE food stamps, then the Division of Social Services will review the application and conduct an interview. Throughout the course of the interview, applicants may be asked questions regarding the information they provided on the food stamps and SNAP application to clarify any details, as well as questions about information that was not provided. The Delaware resident who applied for food stamps should bring the following documentation to the interview: proof of identification, proof of address, proof of any money that was obtained over the previous 30 days. A decision about whether or not the petitioner will get food stamps is made after the interview is complete and all information is reviewed. Applicants will typically receive the decision within 30 days.