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How to Appeal SNAP Program Denials in Missouri

A Missouri food stamps denial may be issued by the Family Support Division office if an application is rejected, or if the applicant is ineligible for benefits. An applicant who finds his or her food stamps application denied in MO may not agree with the decision or may have found an error in application processing. If this is the case, the food stamps appeal process should be initiated by the applicant to attempt to receive benefit approval. Denied applicants should review the guidelines on how to appeal SNAP benefits denial in Missouri, so they can pursue legal action after receiving SNAP denial notifications. When appealing a SNAP denial in MO, the denied applicant will need to prove his or her case through an explanation of the eligibility discrepancy. After a food stamps application was denied by the Family Support Division office, the applicant will receive a notification stating the reasons for denial. If the food stamps denial reason(s) can be refuted by the applicant, he or she may request a fair hearing trial and present evidence to support his or her case. The steps in the food stamps appeal process should be followed to pursue a potential reversal of denied benefits. To learn more about the Missouri SNAP benefits appeal system and the reasons a food stamps application may be denied, review the following sections.

Common Reasons for Missouri Food Stamps Denials

A Missouri SNAP application is denied when the applicant shares information that disqualifies the household from receiving food stamp benefits. For example, a food stamps denial may be experienced by an applicant if he or she lives in a household that earns income that is higher than the SNAP program’s guidelines. To avoid denied SNAP benefits, the applicant must also be a citizen or hold an approved noncitizen status. Furthermore, a food stamp benefit denial in MO can also occur when an applicant cannot prove his or her residency or does not have verification documents to verify statements provided on the application. Additional reasons for food stamps application denial include an applicant’s criminal history or past government assistance fraud claims.

A food stamps appeal should only be pursued by an applicant if the reasons for denial are incorrect or unjustified. When finding a food stamps application denied because verification documents were not sent into the Family Support Division office or an interview was not completed, an applicant should only appeal if documentation is now available and a SNAP interview can be scheduled and completed. The MO food stamps appeal will be successful for a denied applicant if he or she can prove eligibility for the SNAP program. Valid reasons for SNAP benefit denials, including too much earned income, invalid citizenship status, failure to prove residency and refusal to complete an interview, should not be appealed, because they are reasonable ineligibility factors.

Learn About Notifications for a Missouri Food Stamps Denial

When a food stamp application is denied in MO, the rejected applicant will receive a notification from the Family Support Division office informing him or her of the decision. The food stamps denial notification will include the specific reason for denial or refusal of the application. Information for appealing the food stamps denial will also be included. How to appeal SNAP benefits denial in Missouri is outlined in the denial notification, so an applicant can review the process before deciding to pursue a fair hearing. The food stamps application denial reasons listed on the notification letter and the SNAP program’s eligibility requirements should be thoroughly reviewed by the denied applicant before requesting an appeal. A denied food stamps applicant who disagrees with the reasons for denial or refusal of the application may challenge the Family Support Division office’s decision by submitting a request for an appeal.

How to Appeal a SNAP Denial in Missouri

To begin the Missouri food stamps appeal process, a denied applicant can request an appeal in writing, by phone or in person by contacting the Family Support Division office listed on the denial notification. As soon as the applicant receives a denial of SNAP benefits, he or she should start gathering evidence and proof that the denial is wrongful and that he or she does, in fact, qualify for benefits. A SNAP benefits denial hearing will be scheduled, and the applicant must attend to present his or her case. At the food stamp appeal hearing, the applicant will be responsible for providing the hearing judge with proof and a detailed explanation that addresses why the denial should be overturned. During the food stamps appeal process in MO, the denied applicant can ask for assistance in the hearing from a friend, a relative or a lawyer, if desired. Any legal fees charged to the applicant during the denied food stamps hearing will not be paid for by the Family Support Division office, no matter the outcome of the case. To prove a food stamps application was denied wrongfully during the hearing, the applicant should organize and gather all evidence and documentation well in advance of the hearing date.

During a Missouri food stamps denial fair hearing, the denied applicant, a representative from the Family Support Division office and a hearing judge will be present. The denied applicant and the representative must explain their sides of the case to the judge so he or she can make an informed ruling on the case. Once the MO SNAP benefits appeal hearing is over, the judge will mail the ruling to both parties. If the food stamps appeal process was successful for the denied applicant, he or she will be awarded benefits. If the denial of SNAP benefits is not overturned by the judge, the applicant is still considered ineligible to receive program benefits. To learn more about the SNAP denials, download our free guide.