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Learn How To Apply For Food Stamps With Our Guide

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Delaware food stamps benefits are part of the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP food benefits provide access to food for low income people across the state. The program aims to combat the negative health consequences that result from poor access to whole foods. Therefore, the benefits for food stamps program can be used to purchase most food items found at participating grocery stores. Yet, several non-food items are restricted from being purchased with food stamps benefits. SNAP food stamps applicants will have to complete a simple enrollment process before they can receive their benefits on an EBT card. Once applicants have their benefits card food stamps may be used to acquire the approved food items. Read the sections below to learn more about DE SNAP benefits and how they work.

Learn About Food Items You Can Purchase With SNAP In Delaware

Benefits from food stamps are generally used to purchase food from the grocery store that will be taken home to be eaten or prepared. Delaware SNAP benefits cover the following items:

  • Meat, seafood and poultry
  • Breads and cereals
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Dairy products
  • Seeds and plants

Please note, SNAP food benefits allow beneficiaries to purchase seeds and plants only if these items will be planted and grown for food that will feed the beneficiaries. Seafood that is alive at the time of purchase can be bought with food stamps benefits from an approved grocery store. However, livestock cannot be purchased with food benefits.

Items You Cannot Buy With Delaware SNAP Benefits

The food stamps benefits card can be used to buy a variety of items, though, there are restrictions on what enrollees can purchase. DE food stamps cannot be used to buy items that are harmful to the enrollee’s health or are not considered food items. For example, food stamps recipients cannot buy the following items with their EBT card:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Cigarettes or tobacco
  • Pet food
  • Medicine and vitamins
  • Paper goods
  • Household cleaning supplies

Those enrolled in SNAP assistance also cannot buy hot meals, prepared food or food items eaten at the grocery store with their benefits. If an enrollee attempts to buy ineligible items at the grocery store, the EBT card will not work and he or she will have to pay for those items with another form of payment.

How long does it take to receive Delaware SNAP benefits after enrollment?

Delaware food stamps enrollment is an easy process that is managed by the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services, the Division of Social Services (DSS). Those interested in applying for SNAP benefits or other government assistance programs will have to fill out the sameapplication and return it to DSS. Those who apply for food stamps will have to schedule an interview with DSS. In most cases, SNAP applicants will be made aware of their enrollment in the program within a month. Those who are in extreme need may be enrolled in as little as seven days. SNAP food stamps enrollees will receive an EBT card in the mail which can be used to buy approved food items at the grocery store.

Delaware EBT Card Overview

All Delaware SNAP benefits recipients will be given an Electronic Benefits Transfer card or EBT card. The DE food stamps program often refers to this card as the Delaware Food First card. This food stamps benefits card operates like a debit card at approved grocery store locations and ATMs. While cash can be withdrawn from these cards, the money can only be spent on approved items. Benefits cards cannot be used at ATMs inside businesses that sell adult entertainment, alcohol, gambling entertainment and legal or medical marijuana. If a food stamps beneficiary attempts to sell or trade his or her EBT card for cash, he or she could face criminal charges and jail time. If a food stamps EBT card is stolen, any benefits used by the thief will not be replaced so, all SNAP beneficiaries are encouraged to keep their EBT card in a safe place and report it if the card goes missing. Learn how to apply for food stamps by downloading our comprehensive guide.

Learn About Delaware SNAP Benefit Amounts

Delaware SNAP food stamps benefits are not distributed equally to all recipients. Many factors determine the food benefits each enrollee receives. Income is the largest determining factor in the amount of benefits one receives. Since the SNAP food stamps program is for low income individuals and families, applicants’ income levels affect how much help they receive. Those with lower incomes will receive more benefits while those making more will receive less. Also, the number of people living in a household will affect the amount of SNAP benefits received by the enrollees. For example, spouses with three children will receive more benefits than spouses with one child.

Unlike other states, Delaware SNAP program does not look at resources, sometimes called assets, when an applicant is being enrolled in the program. For example, the amount of money in a food stamps beneficiary’s savings account will not be factored in to the benefits amount he or she will receive.

There are work restrictions from the food stamps benefits program for abled bodied adults without dependents. These SNAP enrollees must be working at least part time in order to stay enrolled in the program.