6 Ways You Can Earn a Living From Home


Whether it’s due to schedule restrictions or having to take care of young children at home, the team at Food-Stamps.org understands that many families struggle with finding legitimate ways to earn an income from home. Generating income from home can be the right step for your family, but finding the right opportunity is essential. Earning from home can also be a great solution for households that are looking for effective ways to bring in extra money. As such, the team at Food-Stamps.org has compiled the following list, which features six simple and innovative ways to reach financial goals. Households that are interested in gaining extra income should consider these options provided below.


Transcriptionists listen to audio files, usually of varying quality, and type out everything that was said word for word. Transcriptionists can make up to $25 per hour. Candidates who would like to work as transcriptionists need to listen well and type fast. Most companies that hire beginners to transcribe for them usually allow candidates to work from home, from their computer. Managing their own schedule means candidates can take breaks as needed and can control how much or how little they work. The flexibility and pay of this job is what attracts most potential candidates.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants generally send emails and prepare schedules, reports and presentations for swamped executives and business owners – all from the comfort of their home. Most virtual assistants freelance, which allows them to work with multiple executives and companies simultaneously. Virtual assistants have become more common recently, and for candidates looking to develop their professional career, working as a virtual assistant can have many advantages. Virtual assistants get to interact with business owners and professionals on a day-to-day basis, which could eventually lead to more opportunities further down the road.

Part-Time Bookkeeper

Working as a bookkeeper can open many doors and provide a stable income. Bookkeepers are very business-oriented and often have a lot of contact with clients on a day-to-day basis. This position is ideal for technologically savvy candidates who have excellent communication skills. Learning how to use Quickbooks Online and Xero is essential for performing successfully as a bookkeeper. Additionally, the group at Food-Stamps.org has found that part-time experienced bookkeepers can make up to $60 per hour.


While not technically a work-from-home job, for candidates who have a qualifying vehicle, driving passengers for companies like Uber or Lyft is an easy way to make money and manage a schedule. The team at Food-Stamps.org has found that drivers can make anywhere from $600 to $750 per week. In any case, interested candidates should keep a few things in mind:

  • Drivers must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Drivers must have an in-state license.
  • Drivers must have three years of driving experience.
  • Drivers must be able to pass a criminal background check.
Search Engine Evaluator

A search engine evaluator helps search engines determine what results an individual will see when he or she is looking for something online. Although Google, Bing and Yahoo have complicated algorithms to select what users see, they don’t always get it right. These companies need real people to help their algorithms judge the relevancy of generated search results based on what a user is searching. Those interested in working as a search engine evaluator can earn between $12 and $15 per hour, according to the findings of the Food-Stamps.org team.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives answer customer questions via email, phone and, in some cases, live chat. Customer service candidates should have excellent communication skills and be able to think outside the box when problem-solving. Customer service jobs offer flexibility, and many companies allow candidates to work remotely while still offering excellent perks such as paid time off and a company-matched 401(k) plan.