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Lower Your Monthly Expenses By Getting a Grant

If you currently receive food stamps, you may also be eligible for a government grant. Government grants can help lower your monthly expenses by covering certain costs that cause a strain on many low-income families. These costs include housing, education and communication. To learn more about the different grants available and how you can apply to them, continue reading the sections below.

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What government grants are available?

Government grants are available to both individuals and organizations for the purpose of financing public services and advancements. Students with financial need may receive grants to help further their education, and universities that need research funding can receive grants to support their staff and research programs. Individuals in need of financial assistance to help support their family and way of life can receive government grants to help pay for housing, telephone access and education to help improve their skills and make them eligible for better paying jobs. Grants help improve an individual's and an organization's positive impact on society by helping fund their advancement.
Grants are funded by government organizations with a set amount of funds to distribute per year. Grants are often based on need and other eligibility criteria and may be competitive. It is important to understand all the requirements of each grant and research the organization providing the funding before you apply. Grants are an option to consider before you consider loans, as they do not have to be repaid. Grants will differ in their requirements based on the type and purpose. However, if you are found to be in violation of grant terms and conditions, you will be responsible for repaying grant funds.

Who is eligible for government grants?

Government grants are available to individuals that demonstrate a financial need. Because Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)recipients also receive benefits based on financial need, applicants already receiving government assistance have a good chance of also qualifying for government grants. However, depending on the grant for which you apply, eligibility requirements will be different. For example,if you apply for a housing grant, the amount of individuals in your household matter much more than if you were applying for an education grant. Housing grants require a household to have a combined gross income that falls below the median income of its county, which is why the number of members in your household is so important to take into account.
For some education grants, prospective students are required to maintain a certain GPA in addition to demonstrating a financial need. These differences also extend to variations within the same program depending on the state you live in. Different states may have different income requirements and offer multiple grants within the same program depending on how the state allocates it's funding. Due to these differences, always remember to check your sources and make sure that the information you are researching is specific to your state.
Although there are many more differences that can be discussed, there are also important similarities that applicants should keep in mind. To qualify for any government grant, an applicant must show proof of U.S. Citizenship or legal U.S. residency, in addition to demonstrating financial need. Individuals with a disability may also be eligible for specific need-based grants to help fund their education or housing,if they show proof of their disability. Government grants can assist many groups of disadvantaged individuals improve their situation and lower their monthly expenses.

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How do I apply to a government grant?

To apply to a government grant, you must prepare to present all the necessary information. Each grant may require slightly different documents and information, but most will include:

  • Your Social Security Number or Proof of legal U.S. residency.
  • Bills that prove your address is from the state you are applying in.
  • Your report card if you are applying to an education grant.
  • Proof of disability if applicable.
  • Your tax return information to prove your financial need.

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You will also be required to provide information on any other forms of government assistance you may be receiving, as that can affect your eligibility. For example, as a food stamp recipient, you will need to supply your account number to verify your current benefit status on your application. You will also need to carefully review each section of the application to make sure you have all of the documents you need to effectively complete the application process. Many questions will require exact numbers and personal information, so it is important to have your tax returns and SSN on hand for easy reference.

Some grants also require a written statement. You should write your statement and review it for clarity and grammar before you submit. It may be helpful to contact the organization before you submit your application to be sure you are answering the questions appropriately. Often, grants will have a contact person who you can direct questions to by phone or email. Asking questions before you submit is an excellent way to improve your chances of receiving the grant.

You can apply for a government grant online, in person at a local government agency or at a participating educational institute if it is an educational grant. For housing grants, you may also be able to apply online, however these grants may require more in-depth application processes. By far, completing an application online is the fastest and most efficient way to fill out and submit government grant form. You can take your time and carefully fill out an application in the comfort of your own home, and enjoy the benefits of having your application processed quickly after you submit it directly into the system. Overall processing time will depend on the government grant you are applying for, so be patient and fill out an application as soon as possible.

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